Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Inspiration at it's finest

I just really wanted to give credit where credit is deserved. My amazing cousin/big sister started their Indie Bazaar a long time ago and it is just so neat to see how far they have come. If you haven't checked out their bazaar yet, make sure you do by clicking on the Beehive bazaar logo to the right. Go Steph!

"The Bazaar started in 2004 when Molly Call, Stephanie Higginbotham and Noelle Olpin, three local moms all with a serious creative bent, decided they needed a venue where they and their friends could share their arts and crafts with others in their community. They launched the original event from one of their own homes with a handful of artists and it was mostly attended by friends and family. Since then the maternal trio has grown the Bazaar into a bi-annual, multi-day event with more than fifty artists and thousands of visitors from all over the state".

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