Monday, June 8, 2009


What an amazing event! The concert was amazing as well. Sorry to those of you that missed it.
Jacob and Sarah Golden are amazing artists. Musically and artistically. What special people.
My sister/best friend Rhonda and I had such an amazing time meeting all of you. Thank you.

Me, Sarah and Rhonda
Sarah performing below with her adorable husband Jacob. They are newlyweds and were too cute performing together.

Alex stepped in to play his incredible music via piano solos.
Jessica Star Rockers opened the show with her beautiful voice and thought provoking lyrics.
My oldest son Nathan. He taught himself guitar two years ago and baffles me still! Ps=Made more money than his mom!
Covermebaby- you are the sweetest!
Grannys music. What a treat to get to know you!
Entry to the bazaar
Inside the great hall
Stacia Art. What fun girls.
Marlo from Tote2go. She is on the board of Etsyrain. I didn't even know until the second day~
It'smadeat home. Gluten and wheat free playdough. These girls had a great time and we loved having you!
Titta Me. We just loved her clothing. Her passion is creating girls clothing that is modest. She was just the neatest!
Flutterbudget. Okay, we just adored this one and couldn't stay away from her art.
You can find her on etsy. What a special woman!
Eon from Dollface Dames.
Glass Elements.
Country cuttins below.
Leah from Spider Felt. Not only is SHE awesome with her felt soaps and misc. felt creations, her little kiddos create as well. Thanks to her son for the great wire sculpture!
Lucilles. My children loved buying their glass rings from her. Me too, I must admit!
LaRu jewelry.
Jacob sitting in for Sarah. AkA Crafty Folk
Jen, owner of Esthers Fabrics here on the Island.
Sienna from Rivas Studios. Her art was incredible!

Prospective buyers at Halinas jewelry shop. Halina was such a pleasure to get to know.
Heather with Lavendar Moon Shop. Again.....such a pleasure and sweet spirit!
Wooden threads. I wish I would have gotten a photo with him. He loved to give out his little wooden tops/treasures to the kids that came by. What a treat to get to know him.
Jenna, my new adopted daughter. Love you Jenna!
Tara with Revival Ink below. I felt so fortunate to get to know her more at our dinner that night.
Made ON Bainbridge with Tara Hausman. A local friend that is bringing handmade back to the Island.
John Lewis and wife designs. I have adopted this couple. John is happiest when he can do custom orders for people.
Suswee Designs. Two best friends that create beautiful art together. What a pleasure to have them be a part of our bazaar.
Local talet that created great shower curtains.
Outside view on Friday. Saturday, it looked much better
Inside the great hall with the infamous shoplifter. Yes, the cute little old lady you see in the tan slacks.
Shoppers at woven chains
Shoplifter again, this time with hands behind back. I think she knows that several artists have informed me of her sneaky ways. Too funny!
Jonah with Maluhai Designs
Seattle artist Letha Colleen's space

On a Whimm's space. Her cute 5 year old designs his own stuffed animals and finger puppets.
What a great seller!
Laura with Amy's Rag bag made great washable menstrual pads

Christy with Remember your Childhood
Sandbox jewelry and cards
Spider Felts booth
Island Provisions


  1. Thank you so much Katie!!! My mom and I had so much fun, and can't wait to do it again!!!

  2. Great photos Katie! Thanks for all of the hard work you put into this event. It is fun to look at the photos of the vendors and their booths - putting faces to names and looking up people I met and admired.

  3. The most fun I've had in a long time...Thanks Indie Banditas!

  4. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Katie! It was so much fun and it was great to meet everyone. I can't wait until the next one!