Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today's Baby

Modern baby bedding and accessories for today's urban family. Made from designer fabrics for a decorator look. The quilts will stand the test of time not only in the appearance but in the quality construction made by a noted Northwest quilter.
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  1. The top quilt pictured just sold on etsy but I have a lot more which I will bring to the bazaar as well as other baby items and Holiday Gift items. It's going to be fun.

    Linda Clinton Hall

  2. Be sure to stop by my booth for free giveaway items while they last. What a perfect place to start your Holiday shopping.

  3. Just can't stop making more and more stuff to sell at my booth. So much cuddly wraps for babies and big babies, too. Can't wait to see everyone's booth and I'll try not to spend all of my profits. lol