Monday, March 30, 2009

Handmade on Bainbridge

Today, I met with several owners downtown on our little Island to discuss including them in our bazaar in June. They will each carry a "I sell handmade" sign that will be displayed on the 5th and 6th. We will have a map that will list each of these stores and they will run special sales to promote buying handmade. In return, hopefully this will help to raise money for our next bazaar in November! We are also working on our Indie Banditas website. We will list each of you "banditas (and bandits) and a link to your online store. Because I will have to pay monthly to have this site up and running, it will cost each of you 15.00 for the entire year and NO additional fees. I was thinking of giving each of those interested a special "bandita" nickname. Such as "bead bandita, crazy bandita, etc.". Anyhow, that's whats up for now.

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