Monday, March 30, 2009

Suswee Designs

Welcome girls! We love the cute pendants and framed photography~

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  1. I am looking so forward to the event this year. I purchased some things from this creative duo (Yaicha and Beth) at your Summer event and at the Freemont Market. They have a plethora of lovely items....and all so affordable. I love Yaicha's beautiful pendants/jewelry. I have several pendants. And I have purchased many of Beth's cards. Beth's cards, embellished w/pictures of her world travels are always a hit. And she recently enlarged one of her photographs which I purchased had framed...gorgeous. I hear they have some really fun additions to their wares. Attendees should wear a favorite piece of clothing or bring a piece of fabric to'll be sure to find something beautiful to take home. Nice quality and taste! Barb